Informatica is your partner in transformational Business Information Technology. With its unique capabilities and experience in global business strategy and Information Technology, Informatica provides key expertise and capabilities to its clients:

  • Innovation driven by applied research and calculated early adoption of new technology.
  • Strategic insights into technology and business alignment.
  • International IT standards and quality.
  • Multinational Experience with solutions and services in 15 countries in USA, Europe, Middle East, South-east Asia and Africa.
  • Vast experience in enterprise proven Free Open Source systems.
  • Digital Turnaround strategies

Business Solutions

With over twenty years experience in the development and implementation of business solutions, Informatica has a proven track record of successfully exceeding quality, time and cost constraints. Informatica’s experience with solutions include:

  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting Systems
  • HR Management Systems
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Pharmacy Management Systems
  • Laboratory Management Systems
  • Market Research Systems
  • Advanced Enterprise Telephony and Soft PBX Systems
  • Call Center Management Systems

IT Services

Informatica has pioneered global IT outsourcing Services multinational oilfield services and drilling companies. The services comprehensively include continuous on-site and off-site application support, network administration, security management, problem solving and IT consulting in. Informatica integrates and implements ITSM standards according to client requirements including ITIL, SOX compliance, ISO20000 and ISO27000. Informatica’s core services are:


Informatica’s products deliver customized open source systems to  Enterprise Environments with hardened security, full customization and Enterprise level support. Informatica stands firmly behind its products to fully support client needs and contribute to the open source communities. Informatica has Built custom features, expertise and capabilities making its customized product a solid contender in Enterprise Systems. Our product range includes:

  • SolidWall: Enterprise Level Security and Routing Appliance  (UTM)
  • SolidNAS: Enterprise Grade Storage SAN/NAS system with the highest levels of data integrity, performance and flexibility.
  • MultiXG™ Fast reliable wireless Internet for offshore Oil Rigs, cruise liners, trains, tourist buses, and remote sites
  • SolidCallCenter: An Enterprise level call center system capable of handling thousands of concurrent calls.
  • SolidPBX: A carrier grade scalable soft PBX system that can handle millions of calls at very affordable cost.
  • SolidERP: A customizable ERP system built on open foundations.
  • SolidHMS: Hospital management system based on internationally acclaimed standards that can scale from managing several hospitals up to a whole country’s health-care management.


Research is one of Informatica’s most passionate sectors. Informatica is dedicated to continuous technology research.  Our labs are always busy with exciting new technologies as well as new applications of existing technology. Our research has produced new unique products, technologies and new services to our clients. Informatica research center is currently focusing on the following technologies:

  • Expert systems
  • Knowledge representation
  • Knowledge management
  • Deep learning and neural networks
  • Robotics
  • Hybrid Cloud and containerization
  • Natural Language Processing NLP
  • Operating Systems and Programming Languages
  • Bioinformatics
  • Technology Localization