Informatica Completes Migration of Four Client Data Centers to KVM Virtualization with Zero Downtime

Informatica Information Systems Ltd. has successfully migrated four client data centers from Xen and VMware to KVM virtualization. The transition project was planned to migrate from proprietary and open core software to fully open source software model.

The transition was completed with zero downtime using live migration. The new system is fully redundant and clustered. Users have noticed 20% up to 65% performance increase in different applications and services due to more efficient CPU hardware utilization as well as efficient and robust hardware drivers and higher I/O throughputs.

During the past ten years Informatica has been leading virtualization migration and architecture in the Oil and Gas industry using VMware, Xen. Now KVM is added to Informatica’s arsenal of virtual technologies to further fill the different needs of client IT infrastructures. Informatica CEO/CTO, Sharif Al Motawally has commented: “VMware and Xen still have their advantages in many use cases but KVM is now a solid contender with clear use cases in performance and redundancy with a more extensive hardware support.”